There follows a comprehensive list of results attained by members of the RAFCA based at Yatesbury. This is a follow up to the article in Issue 67 of SPARKS. 

R.A.F. Yatesbury Cycling 1957/58

Flying Officer Lindsay

SAC Beaumont John

AC Alexander

AC Chadwick J.

AC Churchward J.

AC Clarke A.

AC Cross A.

Cpl Cross Jim.

AC Deakin L.

SAC Foster Mike.

LAC Hambley Peter J.

AC Hawkesley K.

AC Holdcroft E.

AC Jones R.E.

AC Lea Peter.

AC Lockwood I.

AC Lowe L.


AC Madison

AC Organer Doug.

Cpl Rogers G.J.

SAC Stempfer Ron. A.

AC Vincent

AC Wain R.


24th March Norwood Paragon Brighton Road Race 75 miles

J. Cross


no result sheet

10th April RAF Yatesbury Open 25 T.T. Course U8 (Sutton Benger)

AC Madison

AC Organer

AC Beaumont

AC Foster

AC Stempfer

AC Macentosh

no result sheet

28thApril RAF Compton Bassett Road Race 70 miles(RAF 5day selection event)

Comptom Bassett, Broad Hinton, Marlborough, Chisledon, Wroughton circuit

RAF Yatesbury “A” team

Cpl Cross

AC Cross

SAC Beaumont

AC Stempfer DNF

RAF Yatesbury “B” team

AC Sherman

AC Organer

AC Alexander

Winner LAC Sandbach RAF Stafford

2nd Cpl Cross RAF Yatesbury ”A” inches

3rd LAC Browne RAF Stafford, two lengths

4th J/T Sambra RAF Stafford, 2 minutes

Team winners RAF Stafford

1st May RAFCA 25 miles T.T. Championship RAF Halton

AC Cross

Cpl Cross

SAC Beaumont

no result sheet

12th May High Wycombe 25 mileT.T.

108th R. Stempfer 1- 9- 15

Alexander DNS

Winner J.A.Finch Ross Wheelers 59- 00

15th May RAF Hullavington 30 mile circuit Road Race

1st AC Organer RAF Yatesbury “B” team 1- 17- 35

2nd LAC Stempfer RAF Yatesbury”A” team, one length

3rd AC Alexander RAF Yatesbury”B” team, two lengths

Team winners RAF Melksham

25th May Barmouth International Cycling Week

Saturday Birmingham to Barmouth Road Race 120 miles, Fort Dunlop.

7th J. Cross 4- 44- 12

42nd R. Stempfer 5- 24- 56

Winner G. Taylor 4- 37- 10 (average speed 25.8 m.p.h.)

Team Winners

1st Tyne Olympic, 2nd Army Cycling Union . 3rd RAF Stafford.

Monday 27th Merioneth Mountain T.T. 40 miles

8th J. Cross 2- 3- 04

29th R. Stempfer 2- 11- 52

37th A. Cross 2- 17- 51

SAC Beaumont DNF

Winner C. Hughes Acme Wheelers 1- 59- 33

Wednesday 29th Welsh National Trophy Race 117 miles

Cpl Cross, R. Stempfer Finished

Winner F. Clements Wrekin R.C.C. 4- 53- 05

no result sheet.

Friday 31st Cader Idris Grand Prix

2nd J. Cross at inches

A. Cross

R. Stempfer D.N.F.

Winner J. Ryan Liverpool Unity 2- 35- 35

no result sheet

2nd June Tour of West Wiltshire

J. Cross

R. Stempfer DNF (crashed descending Lacock hill , camp hospital for 10 days, 3 weeks off bike)

J. Beaumont DNF (assisted at crash)

Winner M. England, BLRC champion Exeter Wheelers

no result sheet

RAFCA 100 mile T.T. Championship

SAC Stempher DNS (first event after crash, heavy rain)

no start or result sheet

25th July RAFCA North Devon 50 miles Circuit Road Race, RAF Chivenor

1st Cpl Cross 2- 2- 15

LAC Stempfer half a wheel

AC Organer two lengths

Team Winners RAF Yatesbury (Cpl Cross, LAC Stempfer, AC Organer)

20th August Inter Services 100 km. (62.5 miles) Championship Road Race, Blandford Army Camp

2nd Cpl Cross

AC Organer

LAC Stempfer RAF Cherhill DNF punctured

Winner R. Browne RAF Stafford

Team winners Royal

28th August RAFCA 100 km. (62.5 miles) Road Race, RAF Syerston

6th LAC Stempfer

equal 6th AC Organer

no start or result sheet

18th September RAFCA 65 miles Open Road Race , RAF Halton

Event One Station “A” teams

Event Two Station “A” and “B” teams

no start or result sheet

11th December RAFCA Inter Station Cyclo-Cross Race, RAF Yatesbury

2nd LAC Hambley

no start or result sheet


9th March Premier Olympic Road Club 72 inch gear 25 T.T. course U21 revised

34th Lockwood 1-12-45

R. Stempfer (over geared) private trial 1- 21-16

P. Hambley DNF no turn marshal

Winner T. Thomas Bristol South C.C. 1-2-57

23rd March Chippenham & District 72 inch gear 25 T.T. course U8


R. Stempfer

P. Hambley 1-10-34


Wain 1-14-59

Winner E. Davey Severn R.C. 1- 5-13

no result sheet

13th April Salisbury Road Club 25 T.T. course P2 revised

54th P. Hambley 1-8-44

Winner O. Way Wessex R.C. 1- 1-21

20th April Swindon Wheelers 50 T.T. course U13

22nd P. Hambley 2- 14- 49

Winner G. Old Severn R.C. 2- 7- 30

23rd April R.A.F. Hullavington 30 miles Circuit Road Race

RAF Yatesbury”A” team

AC Jones 3rd place @ 1min. 59 secs.

LAC Hambley @ 3mins 45 secs.

AC Hawkesley DNF

Cpl Rogers finished in bunch at 2 mins.

RAF Yatesbury “B” team

AC Wain @3 mins 45 secs.

AC Deakin DNS

AC Chadwick finished in bunch at 2 mins.

AC Clarke DNF

RAF Yatesbury”C” team

AC Lockwood ?

AC Lowe ?

AC Holdcroft ?

SAC Stempfer RAF Cherill punctured at 2 mins. 25 secs.

Winner Pilot Officer Wills RAF Odiham 1- 18- 0

2nd LAC Fisher RAF Colerne @ 5 secs.

3rd AC Jones RAF Yatesbury @1 min. 59 secs.

Team winners RAF Odiham

30th April RAF Yatesbury 25 mile T.T. Course U8

3rd Cpl Rogers 1- 4- 1

5th SAC Stempfer 1- 4- 11

7th AC Chadwick 1- 5- 25

11th AC Lowe 1- 6- 20

13th AC Hawkesley 1- 6- 51

16th AC Lea 1- 7- 30

23rd AC Clarke 1- 10- 45

AC Jones DNF

AC Lockwood DNF

AC Churchward DNF

LAC Hambley DNF punctured

AC Holdcroft DNS

Joint winners SAC Fisher RAF Colerne and AC Butler RAF Colerne 1- 2-50

3rd Cpl. Rogers RAF Yatesbury 1- 4- 1

Team winners RAF Yatesbury (Cpl Rogers, SAC Stempfer,AC Chadwick 3- 13- 37)

4th May Middlemarkers 25 mile T.T.

R. Stempfer 1- 4- 44

Winner C. Rowe Frome & District Wheelers 1- 3- 8

7th May RAFCA 25mile T.T. Championship RAF Hullavington U8 course

7th AC Jones 1- 2- 52

17th Cpl. Rogers 1- 3- 57

51st LAC Hambley 1- 6- 6

58th SAC Stempfer 1- 6- 24

63rd AC Lowe 1- 6- 49

67th AC Wain 1- 6- 55

86th AC Chadwick 1- 8- 30

93rd AC Hawkesley 1- 8- 57

Winner LAC Hutchins RAF High Wycombe 59-37

2nd LAC Nimmo RAF Cranwell 59-50

3rd AC Mitchell RAF Harpur Hill 1- 2= 1

4th Butler RAF Locking1- 2-20

5th Fisher RAF Collerne 1- 2- 39

6th Wills RAF Odiham 1- 2- 40

Team winners RAF Cranwell 3- 7- 25, ( LAC Nimmo , Etchells1- 2- 47, Evans 1- 4-48 )

2nd RAF Stafford 3- 10- 39 ( Oakes, Browne, Mellor)

11th May Kingswood Road Club 25 T.T. course U21 (revised)

Rogers 1- 2-32

R. Stempfer 1- 5-27

P. Hambley 1- 6- 0

P. Lea 1- 7-45

Clark 1- 8-55

Lockwood DNS

Winner` E.Davey Severn Road Club 59-31

1st June Western Olympic Velo ”Circuit of the White Horse “ Road Race 48 miles

10th R. Stempfer 2- 19- 50

15th Wain 2- 25- 17

18th P. Lea 2- 27- 57

P. Hambley DNS

Churchward DNS

Clark DNS

Winner M, Horwood Mid Somerset Coureurs 2- 12- 26

Team Mid Somerset Coureurs

4th June RAFCA 50 mile T.T. championship RAF South Cerney

Cpl Rogers

AC Jones

LAC Hambley 2- 10- 10

AC Holdcroft

SAC Stempfer DNS

Winner J.Wills RAF Odiham 2- 0- 15

2nd G. Butler RAF Locking 2- 0- 27

3rd T. Nimmo RAF Cranwell 2- 1-15

4th W. Mitchell RAF Harpur Hill 2- 2-16

5th J. Kyte N/K 2- 3- 02

6th D. Organer RAF Marham 2- 4- 49

1st Team RAF Locking

2nd Team RAF Yatesbury

no result sheet ( many riders off course)

9th to 23rd May RAFCA inter Command 5day Championship road race. Based at RAF South Cerney total mileage 480 miles

Team captain SAC Stempfer, Tech. Training Command

AC Jones

LAC Magee

AC Hawkesley team mechanic and reserve rider

Stage one (85miles) winner G Ingram Bomber Command 3- 16- 3 Team Maintenance Command.

Stage two (126 miles) winner A. McPherson Maintenance Command 5- 38- 55 Team Maintenance Command.

Stage three(87 miles) B. Magee Tech. Training Command 4- 12-0, Team Tech. Training Command.

Stage four (95 miles) Norton Home Command 3- 38- 46 Team Flying Training Command.

Stage five (92miles) G. Butler Tech. Training Command 4- 33-10 Team Technical Training Command.

General Classification

1st D. Etchells Flying Training Command 21- 47- 01

2nd R. Norton Home Command at 1- 50

3rd A. McPherson Maintenance Command at 3- 30

4th J. Wills Fighter Command at 5- 03

5th G. Butler Tech Training Command at 5- 47

6th S.Purdham Maintenance Command at 8- 14

King of the Mountains

1st G Ingram Bomber Command 18 points, 2nd D. Etchells Flying Training Command 8 points, 3rd G Watson 8 points.

Team Winners

1st Tech. Training Command 65- 39- 32, 2nd Maintenance Command 65- 59- 32. 3rd Fighter Command 66- 16- 27.

11th June RAFCA inter Station Track Championship Halesowen, RAF Wythall

RAF Yatesbury riders

1st Event 440yds. 1 lap sprint Heat 3 Cpl. Rogers (A), Heat 4 SAC Stempfer (B) DNS

2nd Event Eight lap double harness pursuit Heat 6 Cpl. Rogers (A) and LAC Hambley (A) verses RAF Cranwell.

5th Event Eight lap double harness pursuit, Final, Cpl. Rogers (A) and LAC Hambley (A) 4- 30- 6 4th.

7th Event 5 miles Point to Point, LAC Hambley (A), SAC Stempfer (B) DNS, AC Jones (B)

8th Event 5miles Scratch, Cpl Rogers (A), LAC Chadwick (B), AC Lowe (B)

no result sheet

14th June Corsham grass track meeting

P. Hambley

440yds. heat 2nd

880yds. heat 1st final 3rd

5 miles scratch 2nd

no result programme

19th June Swindon Schools Sports grass track meeting

P. Hambley

440yds. heat 1st final 3rd

880yds. heat 2nd final 3rd

Devil 1st

no result programme

21st June Devizes Police Sports grass track meeting

P. Hambley

440yds. heat

880 yds.heat

5 miles scratch

no result programme

2nd July Calne Sports grass track meeting

P. Hambley

440yds. heat

880 yds. heat

5 miles scratch

no result programme

7th - 8th July RAFCA inter Command Track Championship Herne Hill, RAF Kenley

Trials LAC Hambley RAF Yatesbury 1st Devil

Individual pursuit Butler RAF Locking 1st

1000 yards McCarthy 1st

3 miles point to point LAC Hambley points

Technical Training Command Champions win by 37 points to 30.5

no result or start sheet

9th July RAF Yatesbury 25 mile T.T. Course U8

21st Cpl Rogers 1- 5- 41

26th AC Vincent 1- 6- 30

28th SAC Stempfer 1- 6- 50

31st AC Lea 1- 7- 25

34th AC Thompson 1- 8- 12

36th AC Clarke 1- 8- 42

39th LAC Hambley 1- 10- 12

Winner G. Butler RAF Locking 1- 1- 10

Team Winners RAF Cranwell 3- 13- 31

no result sheet

20th August RAFCA 100 km (62.5miles) Circuit Road Race. RAF Syerston

10th SAC Stempfer

19th AC Lea

20th SAC Foster

Winner SAC Browne RAF Stafford 2- 46- 17

2nd J/T Organer RAF Scampton same time

3rd AC Mitchell RAF Harpur Hill

Team winners RAF Gaydon

2nd Team RAF Yatesbury ( SAC Stempher, AC Lea, SAC Foster)

1st October RAFCA Hill Climb Championship RAF Clyffe Pypard

SAC Stempfer

SAC Foster

AC Jones

AC Vincent


no result sheet


14th April RAFCA 25 miles T.T. RAF Kenley

J/T Hambley RAF Honington 1- 14- 3

no start or result sheet

List prepared by Ron. Stempfer and Peter Hambley