Noisy Keys Updated 21/11/2015

This page is for all those members who are amateur radio operators you can have your call name, call sign and frequencies here. Just send the details to rafyatesbury@aol.com or to SPARKS Editor, Clive on msig721@yahoo.com

Details can also be found on rear page of current Membership List. I try to keep it up to date and anyone who wishes to be included please email one or both of the above addresses.

List of Members who are "HAMS" as at 21/11/2015

J. Addison G4PKD
R. Barker G0FDU
T.S. Coltman G3TTH
J.J. Crabbe G3WFM
C. Eatwell G3AJW
R. Faulkner-Smith G8AQM
M. Mills                                    G3TEV
B. Gilbert G8EWF
S. Harle G3MEA
K.S. Harris G4NSP
M. Jenkins (Mrs.) GW3OMN
D. Oswald GM3COQ
G. Peach G7SLL
D. Parsons G4BZB
J.D. Slater G3FOZ
R.J. Smith G4TBJ
D.H. Swain G3KMS
E.M. Watkins G7HLH
R. Wesson G3MXZ
M. Williams GW3LCQ
B.F. Wyatt-Grainge G3JPM