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The History of RAF Yatesbury

RAF Yatesbury

The Who, What, Where & When

Why, when and by whom was the White Horse cut?

Why, when and by whom was the Monument built?

Who built Silbury Hill?

What do Guy Gibson VC and Billy W akeyW akey" Cotton have in common?

Who arrested the Station Warrant Officer?

Who threw the Station Warrant Officer in the Static Water Tank

Who threw the contents of guardroom fire bucket over the Duty Officer

Why did some airmen not have to salute on pay parade?

Where is RAF "Gatesbury"?

What happened when the Germans bombed the Station?

When and to whom did the Station Commander surrender (with a photograph to prove it)?

Why was the Harris factory based in Calne?

What were RAF Townsend and RAF Cherhill?

When did everybody get sent home for an extra week of leave?

Where did Joseph Priestly discover oxygen?

Who shot at the Orderly Officer?

When was a Greyhound Race Meeting held on camp?

When was Yatesbury used for "Square bashing"?

Who ran "Blossom's Pirate Coaches"?

What was special about the Meteor jet fighter that guarded the gate from 1956 to 1960?

How was RAF Yatesbury involved in the invasion of Suez?


The answer to all these questions, (except two), you will find in


"The History of RAF Yatesbury" ,


Available now, it has 300 - A 4 pages, incorporating 39 colour and 70 black and white photographs.


          "If only all airfields could be treated this way"             FlyPast                         May 2005


The price is £18.00,


Postage & PackingPacking:       UK £6.00 Europe £ 8.50

                                                    Rest of the World:  £8.50-Surface            £17.00-Airmail


Available from:

P. Tomaselli, 146 Stockwood Lane, Bristol BS 14 8TA


The Great War: Calne District Soldiers



Remembrance Day


When you ask people about what Remembrance Day means to them they may think of poppies or a minute silence for the dead or iconic scenes of the war graves of France and Flanders. These days we lead such busy lives that “who were these soldiers”, “why were they fighting” and “what happened to them” are questions that we can rarely allow ourselves the privilege of asking.


 The book will give a unique insight into the men who volunteered to fight and those who were conscripted. Author of ‘The Great War: Salisbury Soldiers’, Richard Broadhead, has produced the exhibition which is based on the research he undertook for his second book ‘The Great War: Calne District Soldiers’.


The men of Calne and the surrounding villages were to play their parts in this conflict which was to become known as the Great War and it would change people’s lives for ever. This history provides not only details of those who fell on active service, but also personal information, including letters and photographs for many of the men featured.


The book brings the history of the Great War to life with graphic pictures, true stories and thrilling accounts gained from archives and regimental histories. As you journey through the exhibition it also touches on such subjects as those soldiers shot at dawn, the casualties and accidents associated with Yatesbury aerodrome and the forgotten heroes, some of whom are buried in the Calne and the surrounding villages but receive no recognition for their part on any war memorial.





If you wish to order a copy of The Great War; Calne District Soldiers please call the same number or email Richard@hrrec.co.uk.




This books descibes the training of the various non pilot aircrew as well as the history associated with those occupations.